The Australian beauty brand Aesop finally openend his doors in one of the most beautiful streets of Amsterdam.

The very first time I saw this brand was during my visit in Paris.

I immediately felt in love with the product and the interior, very well designed.

Aesop is well known for his rich bodybalm and handwash. It’s a pure joy in a bottle.

Leaving Amsterdam without visiting Aesop is not done!






Le Labo

Entering Le Labo, you can smell the scent of flowers. What I like about a perfume is that the smell of a perfume brings back memories. It’s the perfect gift and raised in New York. The team hand mix the fragrance to order so that you always get the freshest ingredients. They blend it all using a precise formula so you always get the same amazing fragrance. Finally, each bottle has a personalised label so it is extra special. I am obsessed with sense. I have always loved perfume and a chic brand Le Labo is a current favorite. You have to experience it for yourself. My favorite in the collection is Fleur D’oranger 27. You can make your own bottle. The age in process right in front of you rather than ages before. You have to experience it yourself!

Kiehl’s my beauty must-have

I have been a loyal Kiehl’s customer for many years! My first visit was in 1989 in New York, 400 W14 street. There was only one Kiehl’s store and this and was the only place to get your Kiehl’s products. Every time I came back with my favorite products, since we didn’t have this in A’dam. Enough products for my next visit to NY city. Nowadays we have Kiehl’s in A’dam, Paris, London and Antwerp..You name it! Kiehl’s is already available in our country since april 2007. I’m so happy about this!